Young V&A Myths to Manga

A new exhibition has opened at the newly refurbished The Young V&A in London, formerly known as The Museum of Childhood, featuring "Japan: Myths to Manga". Due to their seamless, discreet aesthetic, Studio ZNA chose Precision by Luminii’s sustainable luminaires "Stacko" and "Atto" for this one-of-a-kind installation.  

The Stacko was an ideal choice for the “Myths to Manga” exhibition at the Young V&A in Bethnal Green, London. The exhibition is divided into four sections: Sky, Sea, Forest, and City, showcasing the rich tapestry of Japanese mythology and folktales, and their journey into Manga storytelling through fashion and culture. The modular display case lighting system of Stacko proved perfect for lighting a variety of pieces aimed at a lower-than-usual eye level. The Bakemono items in Ivory, Antler, and precious metals are wonderful examples of this.

The Atto and Atto S were chosen by Studio ZNA, along with Stacko, for their discretion, functionality, and ability to light intricate and multi-focus objects such as the Notice Tree by Yūken Teruya with a single beam. Besides the world-famous Tamagotchi, Hello Kitty plushies also benefit from this kind of lighting. 

"I love that Stacko and Atto are working together on this project. We came up with the Stacko product design after our clients started giving us amazing feedback on Atto. With the Stacko, you can integrate seamlessly, play around, expand, and be precise. "William Huon, designer of Stacko and Atto, industrial designer at Precision by Luminii.

“Japan: Myths to Manga” runs until August 2024, let us know if you spot our lights. Meanwhile, explore Stack and Atto and discover what makes these mini lighting wonders ideal solutions for museums around the world.

  • Adaptable lighting solutions specifically for display case applications
  • Multiple light engine configurations and mounting options
  • ‘Stack’ lighting modules together to create unique lighting schemes
  • Stacko Tilt Fixed End is infinitely adjustable in 360-degree pan.
  • Finishes: White, Matte Black, Brushed Aluminum + Premium and RAL available

Lighting Designer

Studio ZNA


Young V&A Museum, Bethnal Green London